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White Aldea Rum

White rum retains the essence and aroma of freshly cut sugar cane that has grown and ripened slowly in the sun. On the palate it is modern, fresh and vegetable, keeping a perfect balance. A crossroad between heavy rum style and the refined and light white Latin rum style. Ideal for a mixed drink or to be enjoyed as a single drink on the rocks.

Mojitos, Caipirinhas and Daiquiris prepared with this rum are especially tasty.

Aldea Dorado Rum

Blend of aged rums of up to a year, which, after maturation in new white American oak barrels acquire an elegant finish, resulting in slightly fruity and woody rums, while combining to perfection the essence of sugar cane with vanilla and coconut. An exquisite contribution of rich complexity in your glass without giving up the characteristic freshness of a good rum.

Perfect in the classic Cuba Libre cocktail, brown mojito and Tiki cocktails.

Aged 8 Barrels Aldea Rum

After a careful selection of up to 8 years aged rum from eight of our best barrels, we elaborate an exquisite blend that will complete their ageing for an additional period of eight months in American white oak barrels, previously used for ageing red wines. This astonishing rum results unique with a much lighter aroma and flavour, while sealing the palate with a mellow and fruity touch.

Designed as an introduction to the complex world of smells and tastes of rum, it is ideal for any type of cocktail or be enjoyed solo on ice.

Aldea Honey Rum

Our tasty white rum mixed with delicious honey from the traditional insular beekeeping. Soft, easy drinking and very floral. A modern vision of the classic and world-famous Canary Islands Honey-Rum.

Ideal as an appetizer and digestive. Refreshing in a long drink or solo on ice. Try it for pastry-making.


Single Cane Aldea Rum

High expression white rum. Single Cane is a vintage rum made in each harvest with a meticulous selection of sugar cane from the native variety, White Crystalline, the original variety that is thought that Christopher Columbus carried out on his second trip to the island of Hispaniola in 1493.

This variety of sugar cane, the sweetest of all, grows following the sustainable cultivation practices established by the Quevedo Family, thus obtaining, sugar cane with excellent properties and exceptional quality.

This rum of high purity faithfully transmits the fresh and natural aroma of freshly cut sugar cane.

Limited Edition of less than 3,000 bottles per harvest.

Maestro Aldea Rum

Vintage Rum made for the first time in 2011 from the 2001 vintage rum, by the fourth generation of Rum Masters of the Quevedo Family, backed by a century-year-old of experience growing sugarcane and making rum.

For this rum, the Rum Master decided to use only American oak barrels in its maturation process. The sugar cane distillates matured and blended for making this rum has been selected from the best of the same vintage rum, having been matured for a minimum of 10 years.

It stands out especially for its impressive notes of vanilla, cacao, coconut, and coffee. Very tasty and fruity rum while resulting an easy to drink rum.

Limited Edition of less than 10,000 bottles per vintage

Familia Aldea Rum

Vintage rum created as a tribute to the re-launch of the Aldea brand on the island of La Palma in 1969, first produced in 2011 with the 1996 vintage rum. This rum is the result of several stages of blending and a rigorous process of maturation of the rum.

For the preparation of this rum, the Quevedo Family decided to use only European oak, mainly of French origin, and a selection of sugar cane distillates matured for a minimum of 15 years.

Rum of great bouquet in which the aroma of spice and the balsamic fragrance stand out by leading an elegant and complex background of notes such as leather and fine tobacco. It is perfectly balanced and very rounded rum.

Limited Edition of less than 7,500 bottles per vintage.

Aldea Single Estate Rum

High expression white rum. Single Estate is a vintage rum that is made in each harvest with a carefully selection of sugar cane that grows following the ecological cultivation techniques of the Canary Islands and the European Union, on the Los Camachos Estate, owned by the Quevedo Family since several decades.

This is the first and only 100% locally produced organic rum, made in the Canary Islands and Spain.

This high purity rum shows the noble and wild nature of our original raw material, imbuing the air with the aroma and flavour of fresh sugar cane enveloped by the volcanic and salty fragrance from our land.

Limited Edition of less than 2,000 bottles per harvest.

Tradition Aldea Rum

This Vintage Rum of high expression was conceived as a special tribute to the original recipe of the first Rum Master of the Quevedo Family, our founder, elaborated in Gran Canaria in 1936. The first edition of this rum was launched in 2013 with the 1991 vintage rum.

After several stages of blending through a meticulous maturation process, the barrels that compose this rum are selected. The sugar cane distillates that will yield this rum, have been matured for a minimum of 20 years, in oak barrels of different origins and toasting levels. Finally, this rum is repositioned for two more years, in barrels previously used for maturing red wines with the only purpose of accomplishing its plenty maturity and complete its balance.

Because of its ageing and peculiar characteristics, this rum resembles a very old brandy. A deeply complex rum that expresses several nuances as time dictates patience for its consumption. Once served it is very changeable due to the oxidation effect, expressing an amazing bouquet.

Limited Edition less than 2,000 bottles per vintage.


Aborigen Coffee Grog

After the conquest of the Canary Islands, extensive crops of citrus, coffee, sugar cane and various types of spice were developed, including cinnamon.

In 1740, the English admiral Edward Vernon, nicknamed Old Grog, ordered his troops to mix rum with water and add citrus and sugar. In this way, he managed to impose an energy drink in the entire English navy that keep high the morale of the troops, avoiding drunkenness, avoiding dehydration due to the lack of drinking water on long voyages and preventing scurvy in the crew due to a lack of vitamin C.

Based on this historical drink, we have made this singular elixir that takes its idea from an ancient custom in the island of burning the grog. To this extraordinary Flamed Rum some coffee beans and a cinnamon stick were added, the purpose of which was to keep awake and warm the individual who, at night, watched from his guard post to alert of the attacks of corsairs and pirates that were approaching the coast.

Thus, Aldea Aboriginal Coffee Grog is born, a spirit drink based on aged rum, sugar cane, citrus, spice and coffee that keeps you alert on the latest trends so that nothing escapes you.

Aborigen Punch of Fire

Legend has it that ancient Aborigines used a sacred drink during war rituals to venerate supreme beings and ask them to fill warriors with strength and courage for the battle.

This sacred drink was made from various types of spicy pepper, sweetened to facilitate its intake.

The Punch of Fire, as they called it, kept blood warm during the cold nights and facilitated food digestion, invigorating the body and the spirit to fight.

Based on that sacred drink, we have created Aldea Aboriginal Punch of Fire, a spirit drink based on white rum, spice and pepper that immerses you in the experience of the Aborigine warrior preparing for glory.

Aborigen Tiki Spiced

During the 16th century, the Portuguese navigated the Spice Route, bordering the African continent by the south to reach Java. Subsequently, the Spanish would do the same, sailing the Pacific Ocean through Polynesia until they reached the Spice Islands.

Thus an intensive spice trade arises with a high economic value, highly coveted by kings and princes around the world. Spice such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper became a bargaining chip and one of the most coveted ingredients on European tables.

The Canary Islands, an important transit area for all the trade routes of the moment, also benefited from the spice trade, which were not only used for cooking. Also, due to their therapeutic properties, they were infused and macerated in hydroalcoholic bases, generally made from rum, the most widely used and consumed drink at that time. Therefore, created as an elixir or not, the fact is that at some point of the epoch a spiced drink based on rum was born.

In honour of this part of the history, we have decided to create Aldea Aborigen Tiki Spiced, a golden and spiced rum with a unique character that will immerse you in the aromas and flavours of the 16th century.

Aborigen Tropical Sour

Due to its privileged location between three continents and its subtropical climate, the Canary Islands have ideal conditions for growing all kinds of tropical and exotic fruits.

Tasty mangoes, papayas, passion fruits, pineapples, avocados, pitahayas and bananas are only a part of the wide range of possibilities that the benefits of our land and our climate provide for the production of this type of fruit.

TThis is how the idea of creating Aldea Aborigen Tropical Sour arises, a white rum deliciously flavoured with tropical fruits that will not leave you indifferent.

Aborigen Caramel Extreme

In the world, it is already known that we, the Canaries, love sweet, something that is doubtlessly declared in our baking. Wonderful desserts such as Bienmesabe, Príncipe Alberto, Quesadilla, Tortas de Cuajada, Huevos Mole, Polvito Uruguayo, Machanga and Truchas de Batata, between others, have delighted young and old for several generations. And what is better than pairing all those desserts with a good caramel liquor?

Aldea Aborigen Caramel Extreme, a liqueur drink based on white rum and an exquisite caramel elixir with the special touch of the Quevedo Family, which will take you to the limbo of sweetness accompanying your desserts.

Aborigen Radical Banana

As it could not be otherwise, we honour one of the tropical fruits with its own identity seal and Canarian DNA, the Canary Islands Banana.

We invite you to taste our tasty Canarian banana through Aldea Aborigen Radical Banana, a liqueur drink based on white rum and a banana explosion that will transport you to our beloved Canary Islands with every sip.

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