Where everything begins and ground zero of Ron Aldea’s rum. It’s the most expected and important moments for our family and vital for the relevance of our brand.

All the sugarcane used to craft our rum has been cultivated, cut and processed by farmers in our local area. As they follow our recommendations, they provide us with a raw material of the best quality. Our sugarcane is cultivated following sustainable practices and is harvested by hand, with the greatest respect to the rural environment from which it is obtained.



Upon arrival in our facilities, the sugarcane is stored, classified and milled on a first-come, first-served basis, thus reducing the time elapsed between cutting the sugarcane and extracting the juice or “guarapo”. The residue obtained from the milling, the “bagasse”, is recovered and sent back to our harvesters in order to be used as a source of natural fertilizer for the local agriculture.



Symphonized by nature. Symphonized by nature. The juice or “Guarapo” is fermented directly without the use of any chemical additives, allowing it to maintain intact all its natural properties. The Guarapo does not undergo any previous process for sugar extraction. Our fermentation process is spontaneous and occurs naturally without temperature control. It approximately takes between 30 and 50 hours to complete, depending on the ambient temperature.


In our distillation process, we obtain the spirit directly from the Guarapo, which allows the rum to maintain the original flavour, aroma and kindness of the freshly cut sugarcane. Today, almost a century later, we continue with the direct distillation as an essential method for crafting our rum, using the original copper still that Don Manuel Quevedo, our founder, ordered to be built in 1893 by one of the first distillation columns made in Europe by France manufacturer Egrott. Year after year and still to this day, our family continues using this same historical still, by means of direct firewood, for the elaboration of our aromatic spirits. The remains of the distillation process, “vinaza”, is also collected and used as natural fertilizer for the insular agriculture.

Maturing & Blending


The maturation process requires great mastery and patience. For many years, we have aged our spirits in oak wood from different origins and through several processes of complex blend stages. As a result, we achieve a complex rum of the highest quality. The spirit at its best.

Hydration and Settle


All our rums are hydrated with pure water from the springs of Marcos and Cordero, one of the most important natural water springs in the Canarian archipelago. After being hydrated, the rum remains immobile and at rest in stainless steel tanks, for a minimum period of two months, allowing the correct integration and assembly of all its components.

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